• Alcohol Rehab

      For those struggling with addiction, you need the professional help of our drug rehab centers.

    • Drug Addiction

      What you truly need is a customized and comprehensive addiction treatment regimen that will bend to your needs and situation.

    • Depression

      Before you do anything, you need to admit to yourself and everyone around you that you’re addicted to drugs, acknowledge that addiction is a chronic brain disease that you can’t beat it on your own, and that you need professional help to overcome it.

Welcome To Hartman Recovery

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  • Inpatient Care

    Only then when you have come to terms with your dependence will you be able to take steps towards beating this and move on with your life.

    Outpatient Care

    The most important aspect of drug addiction recovery is a truly personalized addiction treatment program.

    Dual Diagnosis

    No two people are the same, their addictions are always nuanced and varied, and therefore need to be treated as such.


    In order to ensure that your addiction treatment is as effective as it can be, you will need professional who not only go above and beyond to help you but do it with compassion.

We Achieve Results
Comprehensive Addiction Treatment
& Wellness Retreat
Your customized addiction recovery plan will also include screening and any necessary treatment for a dual diagnosis mental health issue. Nearly half the people who are seeking treatment for addiction at a drug rehab center are also going through some kind of mental health disorder.


In order to ensure that you have the best chances of beating this, you will need to be treated fully and comprehensively for whatever may ail you. With the proper treatment, we will be able to work through everything that is going on with you and help you accept the support and kindness of the people at our addiction treatment facility.
The community at our drug rehab clinics is very important. The people who you work with will support you and help you with advice full of insight. This community is perhaps the most crucial aspect of addiction recovery, but is only possible with total honesty. The people who will work with you will only be able to help you if they know you are being completely open and transparent. They won’t be willing to go above and beyond to provide the help you need if they know you are serious about addiction recovery and sobriety.